Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Farm Market

Hoop House Under Construction
This Saturday will be Quetzal Farm's first time coming to the farmer's market in January.   The last couple of years I have been putting more energy into winter production in our  "hoop house" a a 30 by 100 foot greenhouse where I grow crops in the ground.  It has been a challenge to learn both how to grow and what crops to grow in the indoor environment.  I have tried many different things, starting with flower crops, late and early warm season peppers and tomatoes, and plenty of weird and unusual things that are supposed to grow well in the greenhouse.   The last few years we have found that the english cucumbers and basil were great crops to grow in the warm months, but winter has been the trickiest time of year to get anything to grow.

Lettuce in Hoop House

At the Ecological Farming conference a couple years ago I saw Elliot Coleman speak about his hoop house growing in Maine, bought his book, and began another round of experimenting.  I focused on cool season crops and began planting as more of a winter vegetable garden for myself and the farm crew.   When there was particular abundance, I went to market to sell the extra stuff along with the Salsas, Roast Tomatoes, and dried chiles from the previous season.   The reception of our mix of baby-head lettuces, Kale, Collards, radishes, arugula, turnips, and a few other random vegetables has been very warm, we hope to come every 3-4 weeks this season with our offerings.

Happy New Year 2012

Welcome Quetzal Farm's new blog!

When I come to the first farmers market of the season so many people ask, "what to you do for the rest of the year?"  I hope to help answer that question with these postings as well as tell the story of what happens on a farm throughout the seasons.    My ultimate goal is to help connect the many consumers of Quetzal Farm's food to the land and people that produce it.