Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beginning of Bounty

Summer is coming early this year, especially in our protected hoop house.  As I prepare for our first regular season farmers market, I get to enjoy the earliest harvests that are too small to sell.  After years of frustrating trials and errors, our plantings are finally giving us results that we like to see.  Our basil is bursting out, we will have trouble keeping up with the harvest, a few English cucumbers are appearing, and some tasty cherry and yellow roma tomatoes are beginning to ripen on the vine.

Lunchtime is a big treat, I go into the hot greenhouse at noon and gather all I can carry, a  couple pieces of bread and a couple eggs or some turkey, and I end up with some delicious treats to enjoy.  As the bounty increases I will probably have less cooking time-- but for the month of June, I will enjoy these wonderful mini harvests.

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