Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dried Chile Descriptions

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Dried Chiles

Ancho Generally mild with a raisiny flavor.  Ancho adds depth to lots of dishes and is the base for Mole Poblano.  Also available smoked.

Espelette A Basque chile  from Southern France, it is very hot and sweet with a bright fruity flavor.

Chipotle A classic Mexican chile that is a favorite in many dishes, including salsas and dips.  It is a red jalapeño that has been smoked in apple wood.

Cayenne ‘Joe’s Long’   A cayenne that is long and sweeter than traditional cayenne, not quite as hot either tends towards the milder side of hot.

New Mexico A lot of different varieties that are bred in all regions of New Mexico.  They generally are of mild to medium spice with  the classic “Red Chile” flavor common in New Mexican cuisine.  A favorite for enchilada sauce, it is believed to originate from the Guajillo chile from Mexico.

Sweet Varieties  (Gypsy, Carmen, Jimmy Nardello) There is no heat in these varieties, great for Romesco sauces or bringing down the heat level by mixing with hotter chiles.  

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